SEO – What It Is And How To Implement It

Search Engine Optimization is defined as a methodology of techniques and legitimate tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to a website, therefore gaining a higher placement withing search engine results pages. This, of course, meaning predominantly Google, Bing and Yahoo – the bigger players in the search engine market.

According to many studies done on search engine usage, most internet users don’t click through several pages of search results. Therefore, it is considered highly practical for websites to feature the most beneficial information possible on the first few pages of the engines. Most predominantly, the first page of SERPs.

Getting Google To Like Your Site

We are all well aware that Google is the biggest player when it comes to the search engine world. They pretty much own the internet. As a result, we unfortunately have to play their game and do what they ask if we want to increase our organic traffic from their pages. Organic search engine traffic is considered to be of the highest value, offering much in the way of targeted visitors and long term search results.

Well written, relevant content is the way to go if you’re looking for more targeted visitors to your website. Whatever it is you are offering on your website, make sure you present it in an easy to find manner and offer it up regularly. Google will notice this. Especially if you offer unique content. The more unique, the less competition you have within your particular niche.

Creating authority pages is the way to go in this regard. While one should concentrate on offering the best content possible on all pages of a website, there are some which will rank higher on Google for particular reasons. Pay attention to what those reasons might be. Use the search engines’ analytics programs and webmaster tools. These are of paramount importance for increasing organic traffic the way we all want to do.